Regarding fraud, scams, fakes, ripoffs and other unpleasantries.

Cleaning up an Ugly Industry

We recognize that seeking employment is difficult. Beyond the challenge of finding the right position, the way is burdened with dishonest agents.

Part of why we exist is to battle this unfortunate reality.

Filtering Recruiting Agencies

We work to constantly improve the quality and relevancy of the recruiting agencies we work for our customers. We constantly receive feedback from customers that allows us to improve our offering.

Charging for Our Service

We do charge a transparent, one-time fee for our services. Payment is made upfront in order for us to work individually on the applications of each of our clients. If we charged only after the fact we couldn’t do nearly the good work we get done for each of our customers.

It also keeps those who are less serious about their job search from flooding our system. Recruiting agencies only trust us if we send relevant, quality applicants. By charging a fee, it helps us filter out those applicants that are not appropriate and keep a high response rate for our customers.

Customer Reviews

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