What we do and how we do it!

In Short, What We Do:

We aim to be the link between job seekers and recruitment agencies. By taking into consideration your experience, qualification, location, and availability, we’re able target recruiting agencies who are more likely to be looking for candidates like you.  This relevancy helps to increase your chances of being called for an interview and hopefully hired.

Quality CV Distribution with Polish

We save job seekers stress, energy and precious time for a one-time transparent fee.

  1. Matching you to only recruiting agencies that are active in your industry. Up to 70 of them.
  2. Distributing your introduction and CV to the relevant recruiting agencies on behalf of your email address. This way you receive replies directly to your email.
  3. Reporting on the CV distribution so that you know the exact list of recruiting agencies that received your introduction along with their respective websites.

How to get started?

You can read here how to get started with signing up for our service.