Is this free?

Setting up an Account is Free

We allow users to signup on our website and create an account for free. This gives you the opportunity to see how we work and what functionality is available on our website.

Using Our Service Entails a Fee

We are a paid service. After learning how we work we require payment for us to work on your behalf and your individual job search.

By charging for our service also keeps those who are less serious about their job search from flooding our system. Recruiting agencies only trust us and our customers if we send relevant, quality applicants. By charging a fee, it helps us filter out those applicants that are not appropriate and keep trust with recruiting agencies so that they will respond to you when you use our service.

Can I pay after I get a job?

You can read why we do not offer this option.

Shouldn’t you receive payment from the recruiting agencies?

Our priority is putting you in contact with the recruiters that will hire you for a job you want – not collecting a commission. We constantly update the recruiting agencies that we match to each of our customers that their individual job search to maximize the relevancy to job goals and the likelihood that there will be a positive response.

I don’t believe I should have to pay for a service to get a job.

That’s perfectly fair. If you don’t wish to pay to save yourself time, mindless work finding, then contacting relevant recruiting agencies and a lot of anxiety, we understand. Working smart is not for everyone.

The cost of our service can also be an obstacle which is why we offer a discount those who need it.